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No. 3171    This item is Available.
Bar Harbor wicker chaise with one arm makes for getting in and out easier. 28”w x 60” off wall x 39” h WAS $2600
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No. 3721    This item is Available.
Bar Harbor antique wicker couch in dark green 84”l x 30” off wall x 32”h seat is 15” plus cushion 22”deep WAS $3800
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No. 3803    This item is Available.
Antique wicker couch with spring seat outside 85”w x 32” off wall x 30”h seat 15” plus cushions inside 74”x 23”
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No. 3933    This item is Available.
Antique wicker, shelf back style sofa 82"l outside, 72" inside 37" off wall, 31 1/2"h seat 28" deep inside x 14 1/2" plus cushion
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